It has been All About Us since the founding of the HardRiders Motorcycle Club in the year 2000 when eleven Houstonians had a vision to form a motorcycle club in Houston, Texas.

In the year 2000, a group of eleven men spearheaded the concept of organizing several friends who were occasionally joining hands and riding mostly on weekends in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

While pondering how we were going to be shaped as a group, it was decided that our interest should be more than joy riding. The consensus was we also wanted to ride with a common purpose in mind. After a founding meeting at Copeland's on Richmond Ave the founders; Darvin Scott, Reggie Anderson, Ken Furch, Efrem Sewell, Waverly Nolley, Shannon Mayfield, Jimmie Davis, Alex Branch, Bruce Johnson, Hart Lee Dykes, and Leon Hardison agreed to form a motorcycle club and selected a name that would not only indicate hard riding, but would also demonstrate a positive image and a strong collaboration with the community as a whole.

Over the many years since, we have outlined and followed a set agenda and code that made us an elite organization. We seek to position ourselves in the communities to help put smiles on underprivileged children's faces; providing food for the elderly and visiting the sick and shut-in. We feed and cloth the homeless and provide an array of individual services from members in our organization who are not seeking personal recognition.

This is why we are characterized with such uniqueness. We are dedicated members of the community who pave a profound sense of responsibility to give something back. However, on the other hand, community projects are not the only events we sponsor; we enjoy giving wonderful social events as evidenced by some of the pictures on this site.

By far, the HardRiders events are the hottest, most exuberating, exhilarating experiences for the general public and bikers alike. HardRiders come from all walks of life. Your local HardRider after working extremely hard in his professional life will have no qualms about having some wild and crazy fun so long as it is in good taste.

After all this organization is "All About Us" & but figuratively speaking; we would not be successful if it was not "All About You" !!!

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